The Surfer’s Journal

Minor Press

For over twenty years now The Surfer’s Journal in America has operated as a “reader-supported publication,” meaning that most of its revenue for publishing comes from subscriptions and single-issue purchases, rather than advertising. Just a perusal of its gorgeous photography and veteran commentary make it obvious why it has been sustaining itself this way for two decades.

Just this past year Outdoor Japan Media, a small outfit in Chigasaki, began publishing the Japanese edition. Produced with the same excellence as its American counterpart, the magazine presents Japanese readers with new perspectives on world surf culture. It’s not Japanese writers reporting on the scene in Japan; rather, it’s a well-translated version of the American original, with some limited Japan-only material.

Running well over 100 full color pages on sturdy paper with a glued-in spine, The Surfer’s Journal is more like a coffee table book. It comes out six times yearly and costs ¥1995—well worth it, even if you are just flipping through for the photographs.

アメリカの雑誌The Surfer’s Journalは20年以上に渡り、その活動を読者に支えられてきた。すなわち広告収入よりも定期購読や一般読者の購入で、出版費用のほとんどをまかなってきた雑誌なのだ。素晴らしい写真や熟練の解説記事を読めば、なぜこの雑誌が20年も同じスタイルを保持してこられたのかが明らかになるだろう。



Primo Levi

Borderless Reading

Primo Levi is one of the most important post-War II Italian writers, best known for his work about the Holocaust. A survivor of Auschwitz himself, Levi’s first work, “If This is a Man” (1947), details his arrest as a resistance member and the eleven months he spent in the camp. The novel did not gain widespread attention until 1958 and 1959, when a reprint and English translation, respectively, came out. He then wrote a companion work, “The Truce” (1963), which describes his return home from Auschwitz. In “The Periodic Table” (1975), Levi pens twenty-one episodes titled after chemical elements, most of them also autobiographical and spanning his life from childhood to postwar.

“If Not Now, When?” (1984), his only standard novel, tells the story of Jewish partisans and resistance fighters of various nationalities struggling behind German lines. Their adventure carries them east from the Soviet Union toward Germany, though the group’s ultimate aim is to reach Italy. There they hope to meet up with other Jews departing for Palestine, to establish a new homeland, but will they all make it?


彼の唯一のスタンダード、「今でなければ いつ」(1984年)は、ユダヤ人のパルチザン部隊や多国籍なレジスタンスたちがドイツ戦線の後方で苦闘するストーリー。部隊はソ連からドイツへと向かう。彼らの究極の目的は、イタリアに辿り着くことだ。その地で同胞のユダヤ人たちと落ち合い、パレスチナへと旅立って、新たな祖国を立ち上げたいと望んでいる。果たしてその望みはかなうのだろうか?

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