Nakahara Chuya

Poems of Days Past

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This beautifully designed bilingual book is the first complete translation of the second volume of poetry by renowned Japanese poet Nakahara Chuya (1907-1937). Originally titled “Arishi hi no uta,” it is the second volume by the translator in a planned set of three that will comprise the complete poems of Nakahara Chuya. This volume contains a lengthy introduction in which the translator, a scholar of Japanese poetry, provides an historical context for the poetry, as well as analyses of some of its aesthetic devices. He also gives a compelling argument for his decision to use verse translations. The full English translations are accompanied by the Japanese originals, complete with the original glosses for some of the more obscure kanji characters. This book will appeal to readers of world poetry and Japanese literature alike, and is an essential volume for any library. Chuya is a cultural icon in his own country, with literally millions of readers, including the many students for whom he is a mandatory subject of study. Although the poet is relatively obscure outside Japan, this new volume is certain to make great strides in correcting that imbalance.