Craft Beer Fukuoka

Japan’s craft beer movement is steadily gaining steam, as we’ve noted in previous issues. In a world where beer is the third-most consumed beverage after water and tea, and in a country where drinking is very much a part of popular culture, that’s big news.

It’s big enough, in fact, that mainstream media is turning its eye toward the promising consumer trend. Television, magazine and newspaper alike regularly run stories on craft beer, further educating consumers that they do have a wide range of choice now. The days of toriaezu biru (just gimme a beer) are coming to an end.

In few other places is craft beer growing a larger footprint than in Fukuoka. Already there are three craft breweries in the city: Brewmaster, Okura Hotel and Suginoya. Mojiko Retro Beer in Kitakyushu gives Fukuoka prefecture four. Of course breweries have a hard time without a market, and consumers have few choices.

Thankfully, new craft beer bars are starting to open in the city and many bars and restaurants that one served only mainstream selections are switching into the exciting new beverages. Only time will tell how big the scene will become but in a city with a vibrant night-life, it seems like craft beer is Fukuoka’s destiny.





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