Nashimote 梨門邸

Kyoto is of course the ancient capital of Japan, full of culture and history…and tourists. Naturally, there are plenty of high-end restaurants to cater to visitors, whether domestic or overseas. Some of those restaurants have even garnered worldwide attention, not only through Michelin stars and other culinary awards, but also because of the prestigious guests (diplomats, aristocrats, etc) who dine there on trips to Kyoto. Need we even say these places are probably not on the budget traveler’s recommended dining list? Or even your average Kyotoite for that matter?

A restaurant can be both affordable and really good, and the city is dotted with such places. Kyoto residents know best, so we asked for some recommendations. When friends in the Ginkakuji area raved about a casual grill serving the best lunch in Kyoto for ¥1000, we had to drop in.

Nashimote doesn’t scream out casual greatness. Passing by on the street, you might take it for just another izakaya. But our friends were right; for ¥1000 you get quite a tasty meal with volume in a lovely atmosphere. Master Nomoto, a Kyoto native, has been with the restaurant for roughly twenty years—eight as a kitchen hand before taking over as the main chef at the grill. He now works with just his wife, using special bincho charcoal to lend subtle, unique flavor to the food he grills right before your eyes at the counter.

The multi-platter lunches have as their main dish chicken, fish or pork, and will definitely satisfy both your palate and your appetite. Dinners at Nashimote are affordable as well, with a wider range of options available. Most items from the grill are under ¥1000, though you may want to splurge on some steak for a little more. There’s an ample range of sake and shochu on the menu, but definitely try out the warm sake and watch how they make it. Can’t read the handwritten Japanese menus? Just leave it to Nomoto—he understands the basics in English: chicken, fish, sashimi, beef, etc. Adventure is a part of every great meal anyway.

もちろん京都は日本一の古都で、文化や歴史に…そして観光客に取り囲まれている。 国内外を問わずそこを訪れる人々の要求に応えるように、洗練されたレストランが沢山あることも頷ける。そういったレストランは、ミシュランガイドの星の獲得や料理界での受賞のみならず、(外交官やセレブなど)名声のあるゲストが京都を旅した際に立ち寄ることで、世界的な注目を集めている。それらのレストランは節約志向の旅行者や普通の京都好きな人々へ、おすすめするお店となるだろうか?




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