Community Service: All Hands Volunteers

All Hands Volunteers is a registered NPO that organizes volunteers for disaster-struck areas around the world. Although based in the U.S., the organization has been instrumental in helping provide relief to coastal areas in Tohoku devastated by the March 11th tsunami.

There is no easy way around the fact that volunteering costs money. Transportation to the disaster area is expensive from most parts of Japan. Then volunteers need food, lodging and other essential supplies. Thousands of people may have time to give, but not necessarily all the financial resources.

All Hands helps supplement the costs of food and accommodation, but more importantly assigns volunteers to extremely effective tsunami relief teams, which are working closely with local governments and other organizations. Many individuals want to help but just don’t know where to start. All Hands is a good first choice.

The teams work on an array of projects, from helping to clean-up and rebuild damaged homes, to restoration of precious photos damaged by the waters. Even four months after the disaster, the need for help (and donations) remains very high. If you have time, compassion and the strength, please consider joining All Hands Volunteers. If you would like to donate money or requested items, there is specific information on their website:

All Hands Volunteersは、自然災害による被害を受けた世界中の地域を支援するボランティア組織としてNPOに登録されている。米国に拠点を置くが、3月11日の津波で壊滅的な被害を受けた東北の沿岸地域の支援にも尽力している。


All Hands Volunteersは、食料と宿泊施設の費用を補助している。さらに重要な役割は、地元の行政や他の組織と密に連携を取り、ボランティアを津波救援チームへと効果的に割り当てることだ。ボランティアをしたくとも何から手を付けるべきか分からない多くの人々にとって、All Hands Volunteersは最適な選択肢となるだろう。

壊れた家屋の清掃と再建から、水に浸かり傷んだ大切な写真の修復まで、チームの仕事は多岐に渡る。震災から4ヶ月が過ぎたいまもなお、人手(そして、寄付)が必要とされている。時間に余裕があり、深い同情の気持ちと体力があるならば、All Hands Volunteersに参加することを考えてみてはどうだろう。現金や物資の寄付を考えているなら、より詳しい情報がウェブサイトに載っている:

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