July – August 2011, no. 14: Word

A Voice of Reason
(Mod)ified Texts
An interview with Craig Mod on the future of publishing

Ideas Worth Spreading… in Japan
An interview with Patrick Newell of TEDxTokyo

A Few Words with Fuwa
Fuwa Daisuke on Shibusashirazu Orchestra

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Word is art. Word is communication. Words are spoken, written, printed, published, dispersed on the web and in digital form. This issue, we celebrate the power of words, in published and spoken form alike. 言葉は芸術。言葉は共感し合うこと。言葉は話され、書かれ、印刷され、出版され、ウェブ上ではデジタルデータとして散在する。今号では、出版される言葉と話し言葉が一様に持つ「言葉の力」を讃える。