Ukiha うきは

Ukiha is a tiny town of little more than 30,000 people hugging the Fukuoka border with Oita, but it offers a disproportionately rich amount of sights and experiences throughout the year.

On the immediate calendar, a rice planting festival is held toward the end of May, where participants actually step into the water-filled rice fields to plant rows of rice. Fireflies begin emerging in late May, too, and the firefly festival kicks off June 10th and 11th, with dozens of food vendors setting up stalls. Fireflies by the hundreds flicker above the Koshio River.

As the summer heat sets in, drop into the cool environs of Cho’on no Taki Park, where a triple-waterfall cascades some 27 meters down the rocks. Or, walk along the lazy Chikugo River that meanders through town. Several onsen look out onto the river, too, offering lodgings and decent meals for affordable prices.

Ukiha, like other small towns of the region, has been known for centuries for beautiful kiln-fired pottery if you are looking for some local items as gifts or mementos of your trip. For perishable items, try some Ukiha tea or the delicious local sake. In the fall, persimmons are highly prized.

Who needs the fast-pace of metropolitan life every day of the year? Ukiha is a great antidote to the kilometers of concrete and inevitable city stress. Breathe deep, breathe freely. You’ll be glad you came.





毎日を都会の速いペースで過ごし続けたいと思う人はいるだろうか? どこまでも続くコンクリートの道や、都会暮らしにいつの間にか溜まったストレスを取り除くのに最適な場所、それがうきは市だ。深呼吸してみよう。ここに来て良かったと、心の底から思えるだろう。

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