Beer For Books

by Gary Bremermann

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a nice tasty craft beer in Japan and magically a book would appear in the hands of a child in places like Nepal, Cambodia or South Africa? Well, you can, thanks to something called Beers for Books:

Beers for Books is a simple and fun fundraising idea created to raise money for Room to Read’s local language publishing program ( Supportive bars around Japan donate 100 yen for every drink sold on a specific night and give that money to Room to Read. 100 yen buys one high quality children’s book made by Room to Read which delivers books and reading training to kids in seven countries in Africa and Asia. One beer = one book.

B4B started last year in Tokyo and the goal for 2010 is to have an event in every prefecture in Japan. So far 13 prefectures have hosted a B4B event, leaving 34 more to go. In just over one year B4B has created over 70,000 books for kids with lots of fun beer drinking events.

For those of you reading this article, please think about how you can make a B4B happen at your favorite bar because the U.S. has challenged Japan to a race to see who can reach 100% coverage the fastest! As of July, the U.S. will have covered 6 of 50 states but they are moving fast to win the race.

To see which prefectures in Japan and which states in the U.S. have hosted an event, please see the map on our website. Let’s show them how Japan’s beer drinkers can do good while having fun drinking great beer!

美味しい地ビールを飲んでネパールやカンボジア、南アフリカなどの貧しい国々の子供たちに対する寄付となるなら素敵なことですよね。あなたもBeers for Books というイベントに参加して社会貢献してみませんか。

Beers for Books は、各国語による教育書籍の出版を行なっているNPO団体Room to Read (の事業の一環として行なわれているもので、簡単な方法でしかも楽しく寄付を募るというもの。日本各地のバーなどでイベントを行ない、その日の客が飲んだドリンク1杯につき100円がRoom to Read に寄付されます。そしてRoom to Read によってその100円が1冊の教科書となり、アフリカやアジアの7つの国々で子供たちが読み書きを学ぶために使われます。1杯のビールが1冊の教科書になるという仕組みです。




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