Cherry Blossoms of Mekari Park 和布刈公園の桜

Mekari Park is located on the eastern side of a small mountain that overlooks the Kanmon Strait at the northern tip of Kyushu. From the observation point at its peak, you can see the far shores of Shimonoseki, or watch the morning sun rise from the Suô Sea and set in the Hibiki Sea.

When the cherry blossoms bloom in Spring, the park turns a lovely hue and is all abuzz with throngs of families and couples enjoying hanami. Popular blossom viewing spots include an open area toward the top or the hanami area overlooking the pool. Open up a lunch box in the warm sunshine, gaze out at the blossoms with the Kanmon bridge in the distance—there’s no one way to appreciate the park’s beauty.

On the way down from the park, there is another area that features an earthenware mural, 3 meters tall by 44 meters long. It depicts the famous historical battle at Dannoura (now Shimonoseki) that ended the Genpei War when the once-prosperous Taira clan were all destroyed while on the run from the Minamoto clan. As the largest outdoor mural of its kind in Japan, it is a source of much local pride. It takes as its reference a section of picture scrolls now in the possession of Akama Shrine. But fired in the Arita kilns of Saga, this beautiful wall is certainly a work of art in and of itself.

Mekari Park
Fukuoka prefecture, Kitakyushu-shi, Moji-ku, Moji
Access: from Mojiko Station on the JR Kagoshima line, take the Nishitetsu bus to Mekari (about 15 min) & get off at Mekari-kouen mae.
Parking for 300 vehicles.
Blooming season: end of March to early April
Total trees: about 1400
Seasonal weather changes can affect the blooming season; please call for details




問合せ先:北九州市建設局緑政課 TEL093-582-2466

Cultural Information Center


At the ACROS Fukuoka Building’s Cultural Information Center, there is a vast array of pamphlets and other literature on Fukuoka culture and site seeing. You can also make inquiries by phone (between 11am and 5pm, the Fukuoka SGG club, a group of volunteer interpreters, can take your calls in English).

ACROS Fukuoka Bldg 2F
1-1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
10am to 6pm (closed 12/29-1/3)

Check out ACROS Fukuoka’s new homepage in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean for classical music, culture events and facility information!

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