Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Koe Magazine is very happy to be partners with KEEN Japan this issue. KEEN is an outdoor goods company based in Oregon, US, with a robust Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program and many community outreach activities. Below, we highlight one of their latest programs in Japan.

The Konni Fabric Dyeing Center in Katakai, Ojiya City, Niigata, has been employing its traditional dyeing method since the mid 18th century. Keen’s newest footwear features a peony pattern that makes use of their techniques. This “Niigata traditional craft” model is a joint effort between Iroha Japan, Keen and the Konni Fabric Dyeing Center. Through Iroha Japan’s Okatajike Project, a part of the proceeds support new means for the continuation of traditional arts. These special models began in 2008 with Asanoha (“hemp leaves”), followed with Yuki Black (a snow pattern) in 2009, and continue again this year with Botan (peonies). For more information, visit Keen at:

新潟県小千谷市片貝の宝暦元年創業《紺仁染織工房》に伝わる染型の《牡丹柄》を使用した「新潟トラッディショナルクラフト」モデルの第3弾です。いろはJAPANとKEEN、紺仁染織工房との共同プロジェクトです。売上の一部は、いろはJAPANがメインで活動している《オカタジケプロジェクト》を通じ、伝統工芸継承の新たな形に役立てられます。新潟の伝統工芸継承モデルは、2008年のASANOHA(麻の葉)から始まり、2009 年YUKI BLACK(雪柄)、そして、今回のBOTAN(牡丹)と、毎年継続してリリースしています。詳しくは

Iroha is a creative planning group whose proposals for attracting customers are informed by the creative continuation of tradition.
「いろは」は、クリエイティブな伝統継承をテーマとした顧客獲得を提案する、クリエイティブ・プランニング集団です。 For more information/詳しくは
Okatajike project:

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